Project Description

What You’ll Find

  • Hardwoods: normally in full 1″ & 2″ thickness’: red & white oak, luan, Phillipine and Honduras mahogany, bird’s eye, curly and hard maple, teak, cherry, walnut, butternut, basswood, ash, sitka spruce, aromatic cedar, hickory
  • Sheet Goods: Ply Core: red oak, birch, baltic birch, crezon, gaboon mahogany marine ply, douglas fir
  • Particle Core: red oak, pine, ash, cherry, walnut, butternut, white and almond melamine, oak/white melamine, birch, mahogany, MDF, aromatic cedar/pine
  • 3/4 & full extension drawer slides
  • Cabinet door slides (pocket)
  • European hinges
  • Screws: Particle board, wood zinc, deck yellow zinc, brass flathead, brass round head, stainless steel round head, antique bronze & copper, slot screws upon request
  • Other Fasteners: wing nuts, tee nuts, rampa inserts, chicago bolts, dowel screws, hanger bolts, hex bolts, stove bolts, machine screws, brass nuts, brass rod, cup, brass, fiber, nylon, fender washer, acorn nuts
  • Assorted Locks: roll top desk, drawer, door, chest, keyhole escutcheons

  • Antique Hardware
  • Handles, knobs from Onward
  • Lazy Susan hardware, T.V. swivels, cheval mirror hardware, drop leaf supports and hinges, solid brass butt hinges, shelf supports

  • Lacquers, urethanes, stains, epoxies

  • Adhesives: carpenters, poly-urathane, hide, marine, melamine

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